Liberia, officially the Republic of Liberia, is a country on the West African Coast. It is bordered by Sierra Leone and Guinea as well as the Atlantic Ocean.


The Liberian Registry was founded in 1948 and is the second largest open ship register.

According to the Clarksons World Fleet Monitor Report dated January 2019 it confirms that, in gross tonnage terms, Liberia has overtaken with 153,700,000 tons the Marshall Islands, which now languishes in third place. The Head office is located in Virginia, United States and have attained ISO 9002 certification as well the participation in the voluntary IMO member State Audit Scheme.

The Liberian fleet was the fastest growing major open flag in both the shipping and offshore sectors in 2018, and currently has a growth rate of 8.0% - more than twice that of most other open flags. There are a number of reasons for this, not least a growing recognition on the part of major shipowners and managers that Liberia, more than any other flag state, is able to combine increased safety and efficiency with reduced costs.


The registry operates through a small network of Offices worldwide. Hubel Marine became in 2018 the Business Development Representative for the Netherlands and is fully empowered to process applications for provisional and permanent registration of a vessel and /or Mortgage.

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A non-Liberian business entity, such as a foreign corporation, partnership, or other legal person, may own a Liberian-flagged vessel by registering the non-Liberian entity in Liberia as an Foreign Maritime Entity (FME). In order to register the FME, the foreign entity must have legal existence in its underlying jurisdiction and the power to own a vessel. It must in good standing in its underlying jurisdiction and in Liberia. The process to establish a FME can be obtained in one day.


There are no nationality restrictions on officers or crew as long as they hold IMO White Listed STCW Certification.

For additional information regarding the Liberian Registry and their great discounts program, please contact Erik A. de Koning.

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