Crew Endorsements

The Application process to obtain a Flag State Endorsement for your crew is a time consuming matter.

Hubel Marine became a leading expert since 1997 to process the applications on a 24/7 basis.
Annually we process over 2750 applications for worldwide Manning Agents, Seafarers, Vessel Operators, Owners etc.

The Crew Endorsement department is successfully operated by Petra Luijpen, Danielle Halkes and Rande Misho.

Hubel Marine is fully empowered to obtain the Endorsements for PANAMA, BELIZE and ST.KITTS & NEVIS.

Why wait several days? Contact the experts, contact Hubel Marine.

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Scope of services

Registration of vessels

Recording of mortgage

Seafarers certification

ISM / ISPS / ILO Code Audits

Statutory Surveys (Solas/ Marpol/Loadline)

Panama Flag State Inspections